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Crossing the borders

Geographic and Structural Characteristics of Cross-Border Cooperation in the Danube Region

'To facilitate the administrative cooperation of communities living in border Regions'

The research project suits the action plan of the EU Danube Region Strategy (EUSR). The Road Map of Priority Area 10 (Institutional Capacity and Cooperation) of the EUSDR developed the concept of revealing the practice of cross-border cooperation in the Danube River Basin and sharing best practice models. The research project is performed in the framework of an international partnership in which we involve Bulgarian, Czech, Croatian, Romanian, Serbian and Slovakian partners.

Within the frame of this present research among other we try to find answers for the following main questions:

  1. One of the basic research questions is what kind of general features have the borders in the Danube Region already related to other regions of Europe.
  2. The research also undertakes the surveying of cross-border initiatives established in the Danube Region.
  3. With the knowledge of the main features an opportunity presents itself to answer what kind of similarities and differences are these cross-border initiatives characterized with, and what characteristic types they could be classified by. Beside the exploration of local features the geographical frame-systems of the initiatives will be comparable, what could not only determine their role inside the Danube Region but according to our expectations it will enable the comparison of similar Western European initiatives to be performed in a similar dimension.
  4. A main goal of the research is to find what characterizes the legal framework surrounding the cross-border cooperation, to explore the territorial impacts of borders weakening the connectivity of the neighbouring areas with each other, whilst we would also like to point at the importance of potential future developments and investments for the affected border segments, neighbouring countries and regions.
  5. After the analyses reporting on the prevailing conditions in the latter stages of the research, the revelation of best practices of the cross-border initiatives and finally the opportunity of their adaptation in other border regions of the Danube Region belong also to our aims.
  6. Last but not least it is also a point of interest what kind of development potential can be identified in particular border regions.

Following the analysis built on above questions we would also like to present best practice models and investigate their applicability in other border regions. We also make an effort to share useful, practical background information, applied research results for the policymakers of regional development and spatial planning.



Central European Service for Cross-Border Initiatives


Transfrontier Euro-Institut Network (TEIN)


Mission Opérationnelle Transfrontalière (MOT)


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 Friss hírek

// 2015.01.07.Crossing the borders: best practices of cross-border cooperation within the Danube Region
Closing Conference of the project, Budapest, February 26, 2015

// 2014.09.05.Professional internship for university students