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Introduction of the European Institut

The Central European Service for Cross-border Initiatives (CESCI) was established in 2009 following the model of the French Mission Opérationnelle Transfrontalière (MOT: with the aim of promoting cross-border cooperation along the state borders of Hungary.

CESCI provides expertise in:

  • applied research on cross-border issues,

  • cross-border strategic planning based on the outcomes of applied research

  • strategic-based development activities in border regions

  • facilitation of regional network building and mediation between local, national and EU level

It was in harmony with the objective of implementing this very first point, scientific activities, that CESCI took the decision in 2013 to establish a high level research institution within the frame of the European Institute in Esztergom.

In Hungary cross-border cooperation has already been researched at a wide range of universities such as Széchenyi István University, University of Miskolc, University of Pécs and more recently University of Pannonia. The European Institute seeks for strategic partnership both with these universities and with those faculties and institutions basically operating with sectorial approach (such as the National University of Public Service in the field of municipal cooperation, the Faculty of Engineering Sciences at Széchenyi István University in the questions of cross-border transport development and the Szent István University in the field of agricultural development) and we support the joint research of the key questions of cross-border cooperation. Therefore we seek to play an integrating role.

European Institute aims at performing a threefold activity:

a) scientific research in cross-border issues;

b) continued training according to the topics and the needs of border regions, as well as the training of Hungarian experts with professional knowledge in the field of regional policy;

c) information service activities for any possible question on border regions (creating a Help Desk and Knowledge Portal).

The Institute was inaugurated on the 30 May 2013 in the presence of an international audience. The representatives of already existing euro-institutes, the members of the Budapest Platform as well as the researchers of domestic strategic partner universities attended the Opening Ceremony. An international instant conference also took place on cross-border issues. In course of the foundation process the European Institute applied for the membership of the Transfrontier Euro-Institut Network (TEIN).


Central European Service for Cross-Border Initiatives


Transfrontier Euro-Institut Network (TEIN)


Mission Opérationnelle Transfrontalière (MOT)


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// 2015.01.07.Crossing the borders: best practices of cross-border cooperation within the Danube Region
Closing Conference of the project, Budapest, February 26, 2015

// 2014.09.05.Professional internship for university students